The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a name, term, design, symbol, or feature that identifies goods and service that are distinct from those of other sellers.

MOBILEMONEY provides ATM branding concepts and designs that incorporate the name, logo, symbol, color combination, and slogan into one effective marketing campaign.   Our services help build a brand identity —defining your company’s product and services.

MOBILEMONEY integrates your name, logo, tagline, graphics, color palette, and ATM architecture into a comprehensive ATM Branding experience. Our creative process will produce a visual presentation that defines the qualities and characteristics of your business. Your new image will develop positive expectations and experiences associated with convenient ATM cash withdrawals.

As a leader in the financial services industry, MOBILEMONEY incorporates ATM Branding and advertising into a successful marketing strategy. Advertising panels and vinyl wraps are added on all sides of the ATM for immediate corporate identification.  Computer designed graphics display visually stimulating ads, promotions and coupon solicitations that catch your consumer's eye and draws them into an exchange with the ATM.  Our successful marketing campaigns deliver cash and advertising simultaneously – directly into the hands of your consumer.


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