Purchase an ATM Machine

MOBILEMONEY sells and leases new ATMs to businesses nationwide. With over 16 branch offices and over 21 years of practical ATM experience, MOBILEMONEY

ATM Purchase Program

MOBILEMONEY can help you start an ATM business and buy a new ATM with easy financing options or a free ATM placement. Our ATM Purchase Program includes a professional installation, onsite training, 24-hour technical support and ATM help desk monitoring. When you purchase a new ATM, you will increase customer spending, reduce credit card fees and drive more foot traffic into your business.

Estimated Cost of Buying an ATM

Buying a new indoor ATM will typically cost around $3,000.00 for a single denomination cassette that holds approximately $20,000 in twenties. If you want to buy a PC-based ATM with more capabilities than dispensing cash, the cost of purchasing an ATM can be three to five times more. Most small business purchase a low-cost retail ATM that only dispenses cash.

Estimated Revenue when Buying an ATM

Most retail ATMs will average 150-200 transactions a month, which is equivalent to $450.00-$600.00 in monthly surcharge revenue (a $3.00 fee). If you lease or purchase an ATM for $3,000, your monthly payment would be $50.00 for 60 months. Wireless communication for your new ATM purchase will be approximately $20.00 a month. If you load your own cash or have the merchant load the money into your new ATM, you will earn approximately $375.00 to $525.00 a month in profit.

Let us set up your business with the perfect cash solution.

Buying a Used ATM

We do not recommend buying used ATM equipment unless you are familiar with the cost of upgrading the used ATM with an EMV upgrade. Since you can buy or lease an ATM with EMV capabilities and a 1 year warranty, you have limited exposure and risk to future losses that will eliminate the small savings from buying an ATM that is used.

Buying or Leasing an ATM

We make it easy to purchase an ATM, lease an ATM, or receive a free ATM at no cost to you. MOBILEMONEY will provide you with a simple ATM purchase agreement, easy payment terms, and free ATM delivery within 14 to 21 days. We will help coordinate the ATM installation, onsite training and optional vault cash services. If you decide that you don’t like the hassle of loading cash after your ATM purchase, MOBILEMONEY will buy the ATM back from you at a slightly discounted rate.

Buy an ATM and earn 100% of the surcharge fees

With over 500,000 ATMs currently deployed within the United States today, consumers expect to find ATMs at busy retail locations. With a MOBILEMONEY ATM, you can profit from increased customer spending and daily ATM surcharge revenue. Customers who buy an ATM from MOBILEMONEY will immediately earn 100% of the surcharge revenue with unlimited technical support after the date of your ATM purchase. There are no monthly fees and no hidden costs. We provide practical knowledge and sound advice to help you buy an ATM that is right for your business. Our sales staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the ATM industry and we want to maintain a win-win long-term relationship.

Buy an ATM for the guaranteed lowest price

MOBILEMONEY guarantees the lowest prices on ATMs from Genmega, Hantle, Nautilus Hyosung, and Triton. From start to finish, MOBILEMONEY provides you with the tools to buy an ATM and earn a profit. These tools include installation, programming, training, maintenance, service, and a long-term relationship. Our goal is to provide you with right ATM at the lowest price available that will help your business succeed.

Installing your new ATM

After buying a new ATM, MOBILEMONEY will arrange free shipping and assist with the installation at your business. A new retail ATM typically has UL rated steel safe that weights 150 – 250 pounds which has four pre-drilled holes at the base of the unit. The installation technician will level the ATM and secure to the floor with concrete anchors bolts. Your new ATM purchase must be plugged into a standard 110V / AC outlet and connected to an Ethernet connection or phone line for data processing communication.

Buy an ATM - Programming and Training

Once your ATM is purchased, delivered and installed at your business, MOBILEMONEY will program and train you on the fundamentals of operating your new ATM. Your new ATM will be assigned a terminal number with your business name, address and telephone number. Typically, the new ATM will dispense $20 dollar bills with a maximum customer withdrawal of $200.00 and a $3.00 surcharge fee. After the set-up is complete, the technician will provide onsite training on loading the new ATM cassette with cash, entering the quantity in the cassette of the new ATM, replenishing receipt paper, and demonstrating basic diagnostics that help clear common errors.

Buying an ATM is easy. This is what you will need:

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